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United Soils Management was established in 2004 when the principles saw a critical need for the management of soil generated by the ever growing GTA.

There are numerous classifications that determine the quality and chemical makeup for excavated materials.The GTA annually generates many millions of cubic meters of excess materials that must be disposed of both legally and responsibly, following the guidelines of both the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of the Environment.

Bob McKenzie has 35 years of hands on experience with waste and soil management in the Toronto area.

We have numerous locations that are available for soil disposal throughout the southern Ontario areas. USM consults on behalf of our clients for site remediation, excavation, disposal and special materials disposal.

United has been contracted by the City of Toronto Water and Waste Water Division to manage its excess soils for 5 years.


United Soils works closely with the Friends of the Rouge Watershed to develop the Beare Wetlands. We have been actively involved with this environmental project since 2000.

United Soils Managements clean fill operation in Stouffville will be the answer to the excavator’s dumpsite requirements for many years.

We are  committed to ongoing communication with the local community regarding its operations as well as helping fund community and environmental projects.


With our management having over 35 years experience with soil management, our staff has the expertise in providing innovation and customized solutions.


United Soils Management landfill sites are designed and operated to minimize any potential impact on both the environment and local communities.